Heartsease - Freedom from anger

Heartsease - Ackerveilchen - Viola tricolor

10 - 40cm high wild flower; usually branched below; rounded to lanceolate leaves; flowers solid dark blue to purple to tricolor violet, blue, yellow, lower petal twice as long as the sepals
Distribution: Europe, Asia
Flowering time: March to September


Keywords: recognize the origins of anger
Description: helps with old grudges and anger; if you can not forget - or do not know why you‘re angry
Energy: Yang energy
Chakra: Basis Chakra


The essence

This flower essence can very well be combined with Holly, they both work on hatred and aggression. Heartsease is indicated when these feelings are very old, their origin may already been forgotten however their effects are of great influence, while Holly is rather used for the relief of acute emotional outbursts.


Characteristic of Heartsease is a strong tension in the body which is required to control the destructive impulses. The personality wants nothing more than be nice, but fears to do others harm. This can be only suppressed with great effort, that makes one mentally and physically rigid. Everything is difficult for such person, because it consumes too much energy not allowing yourself to be angry. There is no more energy left for anything else.


This essence reveals the origins of one‘s feelings. The insight and understanding is necessary in order to discharge tension and anger. And since it can be painful, you should combine this with the essence with Star of Bethlehem and / or Willowrose.

©Dirk Albrodt

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