Creeping Thistle - Self-assertion and integration

Creeping Thistle - Ackerkratzdistel - Cirsium arvense

Up to 1.50 m high, herbaceous perennial plant, originally more of a shore plant, today regarded as a weed; strong, branched stems green, smooth and glabrous; leaves oblong-lanceolate, and spiny; 1-2 cm wide tubular pink-purple flowers
Distribution: Europe, northern Asia
Flowering time: July to September

Creeping Thistle

Keywords: stay yourself in the group; no need to dominate
Brief description: Ability to develop and assert yourself in spite of resistance; self defense; assertion of one‘s own position in groups and crowds; adapting without self-denial.

Creeping Thistle

The essence

Creeping Thistle is as prickly as sociable. Despite its defensive spines you will always find it in groups, never alone. Its flower essence reflects this behavior: it allows the assertion of a fixed position and at the same time it provides adaptability and willingness to compromise. It helps not to drown in a group, on the other it soothes when you tend to assert yourself too aggressively.

Creeping Thistle

Creeping Thistle promotes the cooperation and the search for the best solution for everyone. It helps the individuals to keep their individuality and that is exactly what amkes them appreciated members of the group.

©Dirk Albrodt

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