Hogweed - Balance and acceptance

Hogweed - Bärenklau - Heracleum sphondylium

Up to 2m high perennial, herbaceous plant; stems gnarled and hollow, usually ribbed, often branched; leaves large, alternate, pinnate, hairy and serrated, divided into 3-5 lobed segments; white flowers with 5 petals, arranged in large umbels of up to 20 cm in diameter, usually bisexual, outer flowers male; unpleasant odor.
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: June - October


The essence

Keywords: materialism and idealism in balance
Brief description: Harmonizes materialism and idealism, so that you do not regard them as opposite, but as complementary; balances apparently contradictions; helps to identify errors and illusions; accept the strange and the stranger


Break thought patterns, dissolve prejudices,welcome the new - these are the benefits that Hogweed can bring you. Although some people may consider them disadvantages. E.g. the ones who do not want to change anything, prefer that all things continue as they are, consider the new and strange as danger and cling to what they know.

However an imbalance can work the other way around as well. Not appreciating what you have and always striving for the new can create restlessness and stres. When you give up the foundation for the castle in the air, you may end up with empty hands.


But all life is rhythm. Who is active, needs sleep, who is working hard to make money, needs to enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing, who makes great plans in the head, needs hands to manifest them. Anyone who throws himself on only one side of life misses not only the other, he also becomes sick, stiff, lonely. The idealist who only talks but does not spring into action will not find any teammates, the one who works obsessively, but never takes the time to enjoy his achievements can already prepare for his heart attack.

Hogweed takes away the fear of change and helps to adjust to the flow of life. It helps to preserve the familiar and to welcome the new, without fear of being overwhelmed by it. Everything has its time, and who is moving with the times and, without losing his heart, nagging and clinging to the past, has just more joy, stimulation, inspiration or in short: of his life. This essence may give us the flexibility to be able to make the best of all times.

©Dirk Albrodt

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