Large-leaved Lupine - Things in perspective

Large-leaved Lupine - Blaue Lupine  - Lupinus polyphyllus

perennial herbaceous plant, 50 to 150cm;  leaves palmately compound, 9-17 leaflets 3–15 centimetres long; blue flowers in terminal clusters with undivided calyx lips; grows on every soil.
Distribution: originally Mediterranean, today all of Europe, North America
Flowering period: May, June

Large-leaved Lupine

The essence

Keywords: order, objectivity, overview
Brief description: helps with mental overload; simplifies and focuses the mind; can be adjusted when you do not see the forest for the trees

Large-leaved Lupine

Unfinished business, old controversies, raw emotions and experiences, everything we accumulate over the years of our life in ourselves and hoard instead of digesting and eliminating the remnants, will not be forgotten, but only suppressed, and block our view on things as they are.

Large-leaved Lupine

Large-leaved Lupine brings an objective view of things and helps us to recognize what is important and what is not. It teaches to laugh at yourself, and take yourself less seriously by looking at yourself from a distance.

Large-leaved Lupine transforms disorder into beauty and clarity and helps to recognize the beauty in yourself and your true inner determination.

©Dirk Albrodt

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