Ash - Insight and action

Ash - Esche - Fraxinus excelsior

up to 40m high tree; trunk diameter up to 2m; branches at right angles to the stem; can become up to 300 years old; leaves opposite, compound, pinnate; flowers appear before the leaves in inconspicuous panicles, male, female or hermaphrodite; lives on both wet and partly dry locations.
Distribution: Europe
Flowering time: May


The essence

Keywords: energy, brings spiritual insight into action
Description: new guidance and insight can be turned into concrete action: the promotion of breathing brings new drive and strengthens the energy
Chakra: Throat Chakra


Ash is a very spiritual tree. In Norse mythology, it represents the world tree as well as the entire cosmos. It connects the upper world, earth and underworld, i.e. the spiritual realm, the material world and the realm of the dead.

It is striking that on the one hand, the essence strengthens the breathing and relieves the chest, one the other hand promotes the capacity to act and the energizing of the extremities. In connection with the spiritual insight that it brings, this means that new knowledge that we owe the new perspectives can turned into actions.


This way old behavior and thought patterns can be broken up and the unknown and unexpected can enter one‘s life. Ash promotes the unity of insight and action.

©Dirk Albrodt

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