Lady‘s Mantle - Attune to nature

Lady‘s Mantle - Frauenmantel - Alchemilla vulgaris

30 - 60cm high, perennial, herbaceous or shrub-like plant; main axis lying and root-forming, at the top of a basic rosette, inflorescence 2-20 cm wide, pedicels glabrous, 0.5 - 1 mm long, flowers green to yellow-green, 2 - 4 mm long and 3 - 4.5 mm wide, growing on swampy meadows, shores, slopes.
Distribution: Europe, West Asia
Flowering time: May - October

Lady's Mantle

The essence

Keywords: accept and appreciate the new
Brief description: attunement to nature, even your own; recognition that the new is the familia; helpful in case of loss of relationship with natural rhythms, animal and plant life

Lady's Mantle

This is a flower that takes you out of the head and brings you into the body. Lady‘s Mantle promotes feeling and doing, without neglecting the thinking and analyzing. The essence helps to trust the instincts and emotions, rather than building your whole world only on physical laws. There is more between heaven and earth than the intellect can explain to us.

Lady's Mantle

A good flower for thinkers, who lost their access to life, emotions, their feminine side, who have become a little dry and need fresh water, say, fresh energy to bloom again.

©Dirk Albrodt

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