California Poppy - Welcome back to the fascinating Earth

California Poppy - Goldmohn - Eschscholzia californica

up to 60cm high annual or perennial herbaceous plant from the family of the poppy (Papaveraceae); aspiring, branched at the base; slightly woody stems; deep taproot; gray-green leaves, three times pinnatifid, up to 14 cm long; bright yellow to orange flowers, diameter of 2 - 12 cm, terminal or axillary on long stalks; all parts of plant are poisonous.
Distribution: California originally, and now Australia, South Africa and Europe
Flowering time: July to September

California Poppy

The essence

Keywords: silence, understanding, harmony
Brief description: helps people without guidance to find themselves, a goal in life, inner strength, balance and stamina, freedom from constraints and dependencies
Chakra: Base, Solar Plexus, Chakra crown

California Poppy

California Poppy is like gold for ungrounded people. It helps when the mind-soul-body unity is broken apart and its place is taken by nervousness, insomnia and restlessness. Without balance and inner strength, one is forced to search for the essence of the ego in the outside world, since inside, there is chaos. Typical indications of California Poppy are problems to grasp the reality, difficulties with hearing and vision and nervous disorders.

The outside world has a lot to offer for a restless seeker: drugs, religion, psychic techniques, fascinating things of great charm. Everyday life is boring and unsatisfying, the special is charming.

California Poppy

It is a goal of all people to discover the wonder, the inexplicable, the end of the rainbow. This gives life meaning. While the majority howeve finds it in love with another person, in the fascination of watching a child growing up, in making music, or meditating, praying or dreaming, some are still missing the color in life. If they lose their footing and purpose California Poppy can help them back on track.

The essence allows you to benefit even from the confusion. If I do not know where to go, any way is the right and all options are open to you. You are not burdened by expectations and blocks, but may become what you‘ve always wanted to be. And for most people this means: simply happy.

©Dirk Albrodt

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