Germander Speedwell - Community, consideration, sharing

Germander Speedwell - Gamander-Ehrenpreis - Veronica chamaedrys

up to 30 cm tall, herbaceous perennial plant with hairy stems and leaves; stems decumbent or ascending; leaves opposite; 2 to 4 mm wide blue flowers with dark veins in axillary racemes
Distribution: Europe, northern Asia.
Flowering time: April to June

Germander Speedwell

The essence

Keywords: sense of community, solidarity, sharing
Description: Helps with elbow mentality, recklessness, lack of overview, negligence

Germander Speedwell

Just imagine you visit an art museum, choose the most beautiful paintings, press your nose to the canvas and then call: What a stupid picture, you cannot see anything at all!

Maybe you should take a step back and look at the picture from a greater distance in order to realize its full beauty. People in need of Germander Speedwell see only what is near, not the whole picture. They are spontaneous, do what they think is right, but not consistently, since they change their minds at will. They do not really consider the consequences of their actions and hardly notice when they hurt others, and - in a quite unspiritual way - live always in the here and now looking for their personal benefit without regarding the consequences. It is a kind of childish attitude based on the belief never getting enough. So therapist may ask them whether they got enough (love, warmth, company etc.) in their childhood and where required add an inner child and/or anti-trauma remedy.

Germander Speedwell

Germander Speedwell initiates the required step back and helps to look at things from a distance. This flower enables to understand both tangible and intangible, personal and social, temporal and timeless relationships, and take into account. Taking the essence encourages to plan long term and think strategically and holistically, and thus to receive more benefits than a spontaneous access to every available opportunity may ever get you.

©Dirk Albrodt

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