Jacob‘s Ladder - Self-purification, Forgiveness, Harmony

Jacob‘s Ladder - Jakobsleiter - Polemonium caeruleum

up to 80 cm high, mostly perennial, rarely annual, herbaceous plant, endangered; leaves alternate and pinnately composed; flowers white to bright blue as terminal inflorescences
Distribution: Northern and Central Europe, North America
Flowering time: June, July

Jacob's Ladder

The essence

Keywords: self-purification, forgiveness, harmony
Short description: Helps to clear away the stones that you put in the way yourself, to get rid of old disputes, make new friends and win back old friends
Chakra: Throat Chakra

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob‘s Ladder has a cleansing quality and helps to get rid of waste on all levels. Such waste can be e.g. intra-familial old bickering between siblings, missed opportunities to reconcile, apologies, which have never been offered, problems between parents who have incurred the resentment of their offspring etc.

Jacob‘s Ladder encourages liberation and thus brings you one step further in the direction of wisdom. The essence teaches to adapt to any development without letting your ego dominate and to look at life from a more spiritual perspective.

Jacob's Ladder

Sometimes one has forfeited all friends, family and buddies and feels all alone now. In such cases Jacob‘s Ladder helps to grow beyond yourself, to identify opportunities for reconciliation and restoration of harmony. What you radiate then can lure the detached once again. Out of a sudden you get help, where you would never expect it.

©Dirk Albrodt

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