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Globe-Thistle - Kugeldistel - Echinops sphaerocephalus

50 - 150 cm tall glandular, woolly perennial herbaceous thistle; simple or branched above; stems white and tomentose; leaves soft, sharply toothed, sharp-lobed pointed; spherical inflorescence up to 6 cm in diameter, packed with white or blue-gray disc florets; grows along roadsides and embankments
Distribution: Europe, Asia
Flowering time: June to September


The essence

Keywords: integration, tolerance, centering
Brief description: helps with imbalance, defense patterns, rejection, internal conflicts, lack of flexibility and adjustment problems
Chakra: Crown Chakra


Globe-Thistle promotes internal and external adaptability. This means it allows tolerance and interest in the unknown, the stranger and especially in foreign cultures, customs and habits. But also in alien inner impulses that are sometimes suppressed due to conventions and external pressures.


Globe-Thistle centers and strengthens the personality, it enables to makes free choices, eg to serve others, without necessarily lower one‘s self-esteem. The essence stabilizes the personality, so that you can be open to all sides and views, without being destabilized. It extends the perception of the five senses.

©Dirk Albrodt

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