Pink Muskmallow - Make contact

Pink Muskmallow - Rosa Moschusmalve - Malva moschata

herbaceous perennial plant, originally from the Mediterranean, naturalized as an ornamental plant, growing along roads, path and meadow edges; 20 - 80 cm high; leaves alternate, 2–8 cm long and 2–8 cm broad, palmately lobed with five to seven lobes; pink, five-petaled, veined flowers in clusters in the leaf axils
Distribution: South and Central Europe
Flowering time: July to September

Pink Muskmallow

The essence

Keywords: belonging, sense of community, togetherness
Brief description: helps with feelings of isolation and alienation, when you feel like an alien or outsider; helps with fear of contact and anxiety
Chakras: all chakras, especially the Heart Chakra

Pink Muskmallow

Just like the other Mallow essences Pink Muskmallow helps to overcome consciously or unconsciously self-inflicted borders. The essence acts in two ways: first, it encourages and provides security, open up to others, but on the other hand it also trains the instincts. Strangeness does not equal hostility, however it is very useful to know the difference.

Actually you can learn to become familiar with the unfamiliar, if you just have the courage to skip the old familiar boundaries of thought and perception.

Pink Muskmallow

Pink Muskmallow helps to integrate, quickly find orientation in unfamiliar surroundings and become a part of a community. Feelings of isolation and alienation can be replaced by a sense of belonging and appreciation of yourself.

©Dirk Albrodt

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