Iris - Inspiration and Creativity

Iris - Schwertlilie - Iris versicolor

20 - 100cm high perennial herbaceous plant; upright and slightly branched stems; leaves 35 to 60 cm, 1 to 2 cm wide, pink at the base; compact inflorescences with 2 to 4 hermaphroditic, violet, blue, purple or lavender-colored flowers
Distribution: North America, Europe
Flowering period: June to August.


The essence

Keywords: inspiration, creativity, artistic potential
Brief description: encourages creative and artistic talent; helps to overcome inner blockages and find access to the creative power
Chakra: Sacral and Brow chakra


This is the essence for all who are engaged in creative pursuits. This does not necessarily have to be the fine arts, it can also be cooking and the art of gardening.

Everyone has creativity. However sometimes it can be out of reach. Then you feel abandoned, burned out and a failure. Imagination and creativity can be blocked by a variety of causes, especially by pressure and stress. Some people flourish only when they are under pressure, others shut down and become desperate.


No matter what the reason is, Iris unblocks the access to your creativity and helps to overcome frustration, stagnation and blockage of ingenuity. It renews your expression, brings the courage to try new things and even to exceed limits, gives access not only to inspiration but also the energy to express it.

©Dirk Albrodt

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