Alpine Anemone - Spiritual rebirth

Alpine Anemone - Küchenschelle - Pulsatilla alba

45-60 cm tall hairy, perennial, herbacuous, alpine plant; basal leaves on long stalks; in the upper half of stems 3 bract-like leaves; drooping white flowers 4 - 6cm in diameter; the plant is mildly toxic.
Distribution: central and southern Europe between 1200m and 2700m above sea level
Flowering Time: May-August

Alpine Anemone

The essence

Keywords: Spiritual rebirth
Short description: helpful when you see yourself as failure and tend to self-criticism, self-punishment and self-destruction

Alpine Anemone

Throughout life we make all sorts of experiences, some of them certainly not very pleasant. Devasting or humiliating ones can remain a heavy burden on our soul. Finally one or the other tend to generalize and see himself as failure. Everything negative that happens to you, would then be the result of one‘s own screwups. As if this were not enough, some tend to make matters worse by punishing themselves. This would be an indication of Alpine Anemone.

Patterns of hardening, constant self-criticism, self-punishment, even self-destruction give us point to the need of a soothing balancing essence. Alpine Anemone offers us the appropriate support for coping with the past.  It makes soft and encourages to make peace with yourself.

Indications of Alpine Anemone are complaints, whining and self-pity, or rather let us say: cry and whimper. Typical of Alpine Anemone is not a loud lament more likely faint whimpering .

Alpine Anemone helps to leave the past behind. You can feel the inner protection, that gets you out of helplessness and dependence. The essence strengthens the supposedly weak feminine side in yourself and encourage it to create a free and freedom loving being with a powerful ans authentical personality.

©Dirk Albrodt

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