Spear Thistle - Self-acceptance

Spear Thistle - Lanzett-Kratzdistel – Cirsium vulgare

up to 130cm high, annual to perennial plant; leaves alternate, oval to lanceolate, hairy; purple flowers in flower baskets in diameter up to 4cm; prefers rich soil and serves as an indicator of favorable living conditions
Distribution: nearly worldwide, except for South America
Flowering time: June to October.

Spear Thistle

The essence

Keywords: self-acceptance, social skills
Brief description: helps to forgive yourself, promotes self-love and ability to stay autonomous as well as getting involved.

Spear Thistle

Negative thoughts and feelings about yourself are indicators of Spear Thistle. No confidence in yourself, and certainly none in the others are reliable messengers toward solitude. Fear of relationsships and of the future combined with inner certainty to screw it are the reliable companions on this journey. How should we be able to stand up for ourselves when being stressed by self-doubt, always imagining being wrong or in error and doubting our own point of view?

What we need is the ability to protect ourselves and feel confident about this ability. And we should learn to trust in our feelings, even if they are confusing and contradictory, they still belong to us and represent different aspects of our selves. They are the price for being complex and multi-layered beings. And no reason to doubt ourselves as a whole. There is simply more to life than just black and white, good and bad. Spear Thistle helps us to accept this and beyond that find it much better and more enjoyable than being simple, foreseeable and boring.

Spear Thistle

Forgive yourself, make peace with yourself, let Spear Thistle help you to accept yourself just the way your are, let her teach you to protect yourself and stand up for yourself – and begin to become a social being again.

©Dirk Albrodt

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