White Clover - Face yourself, face the reality

White Clover - Weißer Klee - Trifolium repens

5 to 20 cm high herbaceous, perennial plant; strong taproot; stems glabrous, creeping 30 cm long; leaves up to 20 cm long, petiolate, trifoliate fingered; globular flower heads of 40 to 80 white flowers at 5 to 30 cm long stems.
Diastribution: Europe, North America
Flowering time: May to October.

White Clover

The essence

Keywords: face reality , keep a spot on the reality
Brief description: helps to accept who you are , to express your individuality and free yourself from the pressure to to adapt

Peer pressure and pressure to conform are the problems, White clover helps to solve. Where the personality dissolves behind the decal of group identity, people are manipulated and capable of things which they would never approve as powerful individuals .

Individualism is not meant to enrich one‘s ego at the expense of the community, but can improve the individual‘s personal skills and capabilities.

White Clover

The individual and the group can be and stay, as they are, they remain in balance with the help of this essence.

©Dirk Albrodt

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