Lavender - The spirit and the fun

Lavender - Lavendel - Lavandula officinalis

up to 1m high hairy, aromatic shrub of the Labiatae family; branches ascending, erect, strong ramification; leaves 40-50 mm long, opposite, lanceolate; flowers purple, up to 8 cm long in spikes, flower stalks very short, small linear bracts are present or not.
Distribution: originally Mediterranean, today across Europe, North America
Flowering time: June-August


The essence

Keywords: relaxation, purposefulness, discernment
Summary: helps with nervousness and irritability, rigid routines and lack of flexibility, disregard for one‘s needs
Chakra: Brow-Chakra


Lavender is for ambitious, goal-oriented people who subordinate their needs to their destinations. Their one-sided focus on success and the associated reduction of the need for relaxation, distraction, entertainment, in short, zest for life makes life hard and joyless.

They use their intelligence for what they consider valuable, what certainly does not apply to playing. Thus they obstruct the possibility of playful learning. Everything is difficult and requires enforcement and self-discipline.


Lavender makes flexible. Sometimes you get the best ideas when you are playing or dozing or listening to a bird . When the tension dissolves the energies can flow again, head and neck are free and so is the breathing.

The essence teaches to align the physical and the spiritual, and adjust goals and exercises to one‘s whole being. This allows greater progress than could ever be achieved by asceticism and self-discipline.

©Dirk Albrodt

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