Thyme - The true heart

Thyme - Thymian - Thymus vulgaris

10 - 40cm high, persistent, strongly branched shrub, branches prostrate or ascending, square, woody and short haired; leaves decussate, sessile or short stalked, narrow elliptic, upper surface gray green, bottom side hairy tomentose gray-white, white or pink small flowers in false whorls.
Flowering time: May to October.
Distribution: originally Mediterranean, today cultivated worldwide


The essence

Keywords: warmth, authenticity, release of the old
Summary: helps to recognize our true intentions and feelings and make decisions from the heart
Acupuncture Meridian: Heart Protector
Chakra: Heart Chakra


Thyme is a helper essence, that supports other essences in their action and amplifies them. This can be necessary if a remedy is indeed a good choice, but inside there is resistance to its effects because they mean a change that one can not allow (yet).

Thyme reduces the influence of the ego, which tends to magnify itself and strives for things, situations, people that serve this goal. When the ego reigns, we may choose a job that promises money and prestige, but does not satisfy. Or a partner who is rich and handsome, but we do not really love.


It helps us to recognize our true feelings and intentions. This allows us to make decisions that support us overall, not only our vanity.

©Dirk Albrodt

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