Ground-Ivy - Directness and self-confidence

Ground-Ivy - Gundermann – Glechoma hederacea

5 - 50 cm tall evergreen, perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the mint family (Lamiaceae); rising upright flowers sprouts, stems and undersides of the leaves often purple; leaves opposed, kidney shaped, crenate with round toothed edges, 2–3 cm diameter; flowers bilaterally symmetrical, funnel shaped, blue or bluish-violet to lavender in opposed clusters of 2 or 3 flowers in the leaf axils on the upper part of the stem or near the tip
Distribution: originally Europe and southwestern Asia, introduced to North America
Flowering time: April to June


The essence

Keywords: directness, responsibility, self-confidence
Summary: helps to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, to be mature and develop perseverance.
Acupoint: Bladder 60


Ground ivy is a flower essence for people who are not open and straightforward.Because of feelings of inferiority they prefer indirect confrontation and intrigue to the open conflict.

They try to take advantage by tricks and manipulation , spreading rumors etc. They are people dominated by inferiority complexes, apparently or actually disadvantaged by fate in some way, unable to communicate directly, simply swallowing things instead of talking back and defending themselves. They have no confidence and do not trust their own strength, so they long for the weakness of others.


The essence shows your picture in the mirror but also provides the power to cope with the disturbing image that they see in it. It grounds, strengthens the sense of responsibility and helps to to initiate the change process as well as giving the energy to go through with it.

Ground Ivy brings old misunderstood emotions in order and helps to overcome useless patterns of behavior and transform them , especially the ones that were previously not even noticed. The essence brings energy, and promotes the development of the more subtle qualities of one‘s being and helps to fine-tune and express them. It helps to let go illusions, enables to address conflicts openly and directly and resolve them.

©Dirk Albrodt

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