Lily of the Valley - Vitality, lightness

Lily of the Valley - Maiglöckchen - Convallaria majalis

10 - 30 cm high perennial herbaceous plant; upright and angular stems, at the base mostly two true leaves; leaves 12 - 20cm long, broad-lanceolate; secund inflorescences with five to ten nodding, white flowers
Distribution: Europe, North America
Flowering time: April - June

Lily of the Valley

The essence

Keywords: vitality, lightness
Brief description: the quintessence of wisdom and childlikeness, laugh and understand

Lily of the Valley

When you begin to realize how people behave and how many accidents inevitably occur although a change of course seems so easy, some people tend to despair. It raises the question: Why do the others not see what is going on? Conflicts rock up, dangers threaten to become major disaster threatens and nobody does anything about it.

Lily of the Valley helps to identify your contribution to what you see as reality, to understand that the stubbornness in others is your own, the reluctance to change is an expression of your own convenience. The misery of the world just like your own is like a joke. Whether a good or a bad one that depends entirely on yourself.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley makes you laugh at your own clumsiness, stubbornness, mistakes and errors. A change can start where it is possible and also the easiest: in yourself. The flower teaches to take yourself less seriously, then change also will not look so severe but will be a joyful experience.

©Dirk Albrodt

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