Sycamore Maple - Relax and succeed

Sycamore Maple - Bergahorn - Acer pseudoplatanus

up to 40 m high deciduous tree, up to 500 years is old; leaves opposite, lobed, up to 15 cm wide and 20 cm long; flowers in green and yellow hanging grapes, male and female flowers in the same cluster; grows on rocky, coasts and in the inner cities.
Distribution: native to southwest Asia, today almost worldwide
Flowering time: May


The essence

Keywords: let go and reach goals
Description: Brings courage and determination, allows to follow one‘s needs, the energies flow freely again and you become inwardly calm.
Chakra: Throat and Brow Chakra


Sometimes we succeed exactly in the moment when we stop trying. The strong will to achieve something seems to stand in one‘s way. Sycamore is the ideal assistant in such cases.

For example, how many women were pregnant the very moment when they said, „it does not work , I give up“ and started to take care of an adoption. The pressure is off, the timing no longer overrules everything you do and plan, you can relax - and all at once it‘ll work.


Sycamore is the essence that takes away the inner pressure to succeed. The serene attitude that it can give makes things happen without effort. It can change what is in your own sphere of influence and helps to accept what can not be changed.

As an emergency essence it creates the feeling that you will be caught in a safety net when you fear your life is going to crash.

©Dirk Albrodt

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