Greater Celandine - Grounding and sexuality

Greater Celandine - Schöllkraut - Chelidonium majus

up to 1 m high, two or perennial herbaceous plant of the family of the poppy family; orange-yellow latex; leaves alternate, stalked; hermaphrodite, fourfold yellow flowers, 2 cm in diameter.
Distribution: temperate and warm-temperate regions of Europe and Asia, North America
Flowering time: May to September

Greater Celandine

The essence

Keywords: Grounding and sexuality
Short description: takes the tension out of sexuality, promotes dedication and realism
Chakra: Basis, Sacral Chakra

Greater Celandine

Greater Celandine relaxes the pelvic area, which blocks the grounding when in a tense state, makes insecure, awkward and fickle. If your feet and legs cannot use the ground can not use as springboard, but remain motionless and stiff, one can easily be overthrown, instead of responding flexibly for one‘s own benefit.

Insufficient grounding can make you doubt yourself and thus also your partnership. Sexuality is determined by tension instead of devotion, what makes partnership problems inevitable.

Greater Celandine

Greater Celandine can be used both as a respiratory aid as well as relaxation tool of the pelvic muscles. It helps to be flexible and persevering and adapt spontaneously to new situations.

©Dirk Albrodt

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