Yellow Yarrow - Self-protection and openness

Yellow Yarrow - Gelbe Schafgarbe - Achillea filipendulina

up to 1m high perennial herbaceous plant; stalks high, simple, below densely hairy; leaves pinnately compound, up to 20cm long and 7cm wide; yellow flowers in corymbs, flat and many-headed, florets small.
Distribution: Europe, West Asia, North America
Flowering time: July to October

Yellow Yarrow

The essence

Keywords: self-protection and openness
Short description: helps with the tendency to retreat from artistic or social participation and blunt, in order to cope with one‘s extreme sensitivity.

Yellow Yarrow

Yellow Yarrow helps to build healthy social boundaries, it helps to stay open to others while being yourself. The flower brings internal stability, so that nothing can bring you off balance.

Hypersensitivity can lead to social isolation. People who suffer from this condition tend to either remove themselves from the community or to use tools such as drugs or social masks that are designed to provide a shelter. However, a withdrawal is a strategy with the tendency to become a behavior pattern which can only be released by breaking the fear and strengthening the capability to deal with others.

Yellow Yarrow

Yellow Yarrow brings emotional protection in vulnerable times.

©Dirk Albrodt

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