Almond - Mastery of the self

Almond - Mandel - Prunus dulcis

2-8 m tall deciduous tree or shrub in the rose family (Rosaceae); branches upright or horizontally, many short branches; white or pink, hermaphroditic , pentamerous flowers open before the leaves develop, fruits ripen from July to August
Distribution: originally Mediterranean, today Southern Europe, South Asia, North America
Flowering time: March, April


The essence

Keywords: balance of silence and action
Description: mastery of the self; helps to learn what is good for you and act to this


Almond is for those who are prone to extremes. It does not matter in which area of life they give way their disposedness. They can be a workaholic or drowsy, ascetic or a sex addict, fanatic or apathetic.

The essence synchronizes the internal rhythms and the needs of body, mind and emotions, control and letting go, rest and activity. It teaches to listen to the inner master, who knows what is good and right for you at all times, and happily follow his advice.


Almond makes you one with the inner master and thereby achieve mastery at all levels of one‘s life.

©Dirk Albrodt

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