Petticoat daffodil

Narcissus tazetta

Petticoat daffodi

Allows us to see the " light at the end of the tunnel" when we feel surrounded by depths of darkness and may have given up hope. Helps us to regain self-confidence and radiate happines.

©Andreas Korte

Rosa centifolia Connects heart and mind, thereby helping us resolve (apparent) conflicts between our thoughts and our emotions. Helps those who only consider
Rosa alba Relieves emotional distress and tension when we feel hurt. Helps us to pull the „thorns” from our heart and alleviates past wounds.©Andreas
Rosa chinensis viridiflora Alleviates the negative effects of too much pressure and stress. Restores inner calm and detachment. Releases tensions and
Rosa moyesii Enables us to accept and love ourselves as we are.  This reinforces our selfconfidence, inner joy and zest for life.©Andreas Korte
Real love requires a unity of mind, body, and soul. This rose helps establish that link, connecting the different energy levels. Heart and mind merge
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