Beifuss - Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris

Up to 150 cm high plant. The stems often reddish, flowers in brown - yellow bulb.
Flowering time: July to October
Distribution: worldwide


Keywords: Fine perception - inner voice - clear sensations

Encourages, supports, provides:
Clear perception, better „digestion“ of difficulties, to be able to connect to the unconscious, to be sensitive to perceive the inner voice, clear sensations, sensitivity does not feel as a burden.

Helps if you ...

  • have a bad memory,
  • have the feeling that life passes you by,
  • Feeling of dullness occuring from time to time,
  • think you can not allow deep feelings
  • are easily overwhelmed by strong emotional reactions,
  • often have a feeling of emptiness in the head
  • have difficulties with increased sensitivity
  • feel tired, weak and no longer receptive.

Mugwort helps to deal with fine perceptions and achieve mental clarity.
The essence supports the development of sensitivity which helps to perceive what is hidden behind the obvious without considering it as a burden.
In our Western culture, we are taught to rely exclusively on our five senses of perception and consider all other perceptions illusions. Sometimes that makes it difficult to deal with the so-called „gut feelings“.
People equipped with a strong sensibility often have the biggest problems to deal with it and feel easily overwhelmed because of this ability in everyday reality. In order to relax they tend to ignore these perceptions. This can cause a permanent feeling of being like „packed in cotton wool“. It is not very receptive.
Mugwort opens the door to the fine perceptions and helps to integrate  them.

Helpful for:

  • Bad memory with a feeling of emptiness or numbness in the head
  • When events or situations are experienced as threatening and scary, e.g. because you had a premonition that has actually occurred.
  • Sensitive children who are afraid of things or situations because they seem eerily
  • If you like to enhance your so called 7th sense or gut feeling

Prevailing fears:

  • Fear of sensitivity
  • Fear of poor memory

Pain and painful attitude:

  • To be too sensitive
  • Cannot cope with difficulties
  • Being too easily emotionally affected
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