Beinwell - Comfrey - Symphytum officinale

Member of the borage family, 30-100 cm tall, flowering pink, white or purple. Growing on shores and wet meadows. The root has been used for the healing of bone fractures in the Middle Ages.
Flowering time: May - September
Origin: Europe, North America


Keywords: ability to protect life, integration of male parts of the personality, self-assertion

Encourages, supports, provides:
courage, stability, accept the male in oneself, perseverence, assertiveness, relationship skills, intimacy, to be able to take action and manifest one’s ideas, determination, no need to become involved in everything.

Helps if you ...

  • are afraid to take on duties and responsibilities,
  • can not defend yourself and accept everything,
  • are shy,
  • believe to be a weakling,
  • as a kind, gentle person tend to outburts of rage,
  • believe you have to play the role of an invincible macho
  • can not begin lasting relationships.

Comfrey helps to integrate the male, that allows to take care for others and protect life. This applies equally for women as for men.

The essence allows to courageously take part on life and to build up stable relationships. In the blocked condition, there is a strong desire to avoid duties and responsibilities and keep relationships in uncertainty. This is in complete contrast to the simultaneous longing for closeness and intimacy and leads to ambiguous behavior towards other people. That is what makes it difficult to create lasting relationships. The disability lets a subliminal anger arise which has to unload from time to time in outbrusts of anger. Or the person can get cynical.

The essence of comfrey makes it possible to deal with one’s positive aggression. Persistence, determination, ability to take action and build something up are the characteristics of this form of aggression that is needed to take your life in your own hand. Comfrey allows to develop appropriate assertiveness and self-assertion, which helps to create a loving life and protective yourself and your loved ones.

Helpful for:

  • shyness and lack of assertiveness
  • starting of new projects, brings endurance
  • situations and circumstances in which you have to defend yourself
  • when you feel too weak to take responsibility

Prevailing fears:

  • Fear of duties and responsibilities
  • Fear to fight back
  • Fear to begin and enjoy lasting relationships

Pain and painful attitude:

  • I‘m basically a weakling
  • I can not be the hero, I want to be
  • I‘m too scared and too soft
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