Bergahorn - Sycamore - Acer pseudoplatanus

Deciduous tree that can grow up to 40 feet high and become 500 years old. Flowers in green - yellow grapes. The tree is considered a pioneer, because it grows in places where other trees can not develop.
Flowering period: May to June
Distribution: Southern and Central Europe


Keywords: Decisiveness - Vitality - self-realization

Encourages, supports, provides:
To live freedom, courage and determination, to remain true to yourself, to let energy flow freely, vitality and zest for life, open to new things.

Helps if you ...

  • have been stuck in a frustrating situation for a long time,
  • often feel driven and stressed,
  • feel trapped by external conditions,
  • find life boring and stagnant,
  • feel overworked and exhausted,
  • show indifference when it comes to important decisions,
  • often exaggerate e.g. eat, drink, smoke, work too much etc,
  • are moody and discontented.

Sycamore helps to live your life making use of all the options given. The essence supports to be open to new things, and so to let the energy flow freely.

Creativity, vitality and zest for life is innate in all people. During the life you easily can get caught up in the necessities of everyday life and circumstances that are restrictive and not match your idea of a good life due to excessive willingness to adapt to the requirements. In this situation, the energy continues to decrease. Disappointed and frustrated you try to compensate by a lot of work, smoke, drink, eat, etc. The result is a growing alienation from yourself

Sycamore helps to begin or finish what you have postponed for a long time. The essence helps to let go off the fear of this step. The energy flows freely, you feel elated, full of ideas and able to engage with new. Sycamore encourages to break down an unhealthy self-limitation.

Helpful for:

  • prolonged illness with bed rest
  • circumstances in work, family or school that are frustrating and energy consuming
  • at the beginning of a new stage of life and at every change in work, family and school
  • for scar care

Prevailing fears:

  • to do what you really want,
  • unable to break out of unbalanced circumstances,
  • to be a prisoner in your own life,
  • to lose your vitality.

Pain and painful attitude:

  • one can not change the situation,
  • one is prisoner of circumstances.
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