Bergflockenblume - Mountain Knapweed - Centaurea montana

Perennial shrub, 30-60 cm high, outer tubular flowers fringed, blue; inner parts of the flower violet.
Flowering time: May - October
Origin: Southern and Central Europe

Mountain Knapweed

Sensuality - body feeling - love your body

Encourages, supports, provides:
Sensuality to love your body, to be able to enjoy sex, to enhance your body awareness, balance the female hormonal system.

Helps if you ...

  • tend to devalue sexuality and sensuality,
  • do not feel comfortable in your body,
  • are ashamed of your body,
  • are closed because of experiences of sexual abuse ,
  • give sexuality a too large or small role in life.

Mountain Knapweed helps to express your sensuality. The essence  can help you to enjoy sexuality.
It supports those who are not awareness of needs and desires of their bodies. Often the affected are not even aware of this deficiency. Symptoms in the female hormonal cycle and the reproductive organs are the results of this deficiency.

Mountain knapweed allows you to love your body to honor, cherish and experience it again. The essence helps women to live in harmony with their bodies at all stages of life.

Helpful for:

  • devaluation of the body
  • shame in relation to one‘s own body
  • to balance the hormonal cycle
  • if you want to pay more attention to the body
  • if you want to express yourself as a woman in a natural way

Prevailing fears:

  • afraid to express sexual needs
  • afraid of unsatisfying sexuality
  • fear the body, its looks, responses and experiences were not good enough

Pain and painful attitude:

  • sexuality and sensuality are rejected
  • sexuality brings no satisfaction
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