Kanadisches Berufskraut - Canadian Horseweed - Conyza canadensis

The plant is 10-100 cm high. Numerous yellowish-white flower heads in panicles.
Flowering time: June - October
Distribution: Originally from North America now naturalized in Europe

Canadian Horseweed

Self-confidence - impartiality - heartedness

Encourages, supports, provides:
Playful self expression, ease, joy, innocence.

Helps if you ...

  • are easily impressed,
  • can be easily confused,
  • can be influenced by others ,
  • can be quickly intimidated,
  • can be manipulated by the others‘ promises
  • feel suppressed and / or threatened,
  • let power, influence and fear play a big role in your life.

Canadian Horseweed helps resolve uncertainties and influences. People who need Canadian Horseweed have a certain innocence and can be easily intimidated and manipulated by others. But even those who may tend to gain power over others Canadian Horseweed can help to overcome the causal fear of losing control, and develop a greater heartedness.

The essence helps to become more confident in dealing with others whatever the circumstances. It brings you from this fundamental sense of security to a natural light-heartedness .

The quality of the essence we find in the fairy tale „The Wizard of Oz“ in a beautiful way described. In the story the cheerful girl Dorothy pulls out with her companions to find the evil wizard who rules the country and holds it in fear and terror. She can not be intimidated by him and at the end of the story the the secret is revealed:: the magician is a small old man, hiding behind a curtain, a „big shot“ who is full of fear himself. In a free and unencumbered laughter, the previously perceived threat can dissolve.

Helpful for:

  • Dealing with authorities and wannabe authorities
  • fear to show how you feel and express yourself authentically
  • if you subordinate the others to quickly
  • If you want to meet others at eye level

Prevailing fears:

  • fear to be manipulated
  • fear of being negatively affected by the power of others

Pain and painful attitude:

  • Subordinate yourself to be intimidated
  • easy to impress
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