Blutweiderich - Purple Loosestrife - Lythrum salicaria

The plant is 50-180 cm high, pink flowers in grapes.
Flowering time: July-September
Origin: Europe, North Asia

Purple Loosestrife

Self-responsibility - will - confidence

Encourages, supports, provides:
Self-confidence, self-responsibility, individuation, openness, independence, realistic self-image, confidence to know what you want.

Helps if you ...

  • feel insecure deep inside
  • commit too much to a plan, person or idea and / or have unrealistic expectations,
  • can hardly cope with problems
  • feel weak and powerless,
  • have lost something important,
  • believe not being able to help yourself,
  • your self-image does not coincide with the reality.

Loosestrife strengthens the ego in his self-confidence, supports the personal development and teaches to know yourself and your will.

When changes happen in life that we have not expected and we respond helplessly and confused, we tend to compensate by denying and repressing the experience. In such a situation Loosestrife allows to assume responsibility and to draw one’s own conclusions. It teaches to recognize, what you really want and act accordingly.

The essence is for those who have made themselves too dependent on people or circumstances. Loosestrife helps to become a self-responsible individual.

Helpful for:

  • difficulties when children leave home
  • in all situations requiring self-confidence and self-responsibility
  • with separation, when one has to learn stand on one’s own feet again
  • if you do not know what you want
  • if you want to become more independent

Prevailing fears

  • to live according to one’s will
  • to discover one’s weaknesses
  • to take responsibility

Pain and painful attitude:

  • Not to be the person who you want to be
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