Braunelle - Self-Heal - Prunella vulgaris

The plant is 10-20 cm high. Flowers purple , sometimes white. Old medicinal plant
Flowering time: May - October
Distribution: Europe and North America


Self healing - self-knowledge - willingness to recover

Encourages, supports, provides:
To enable self-healing, self-knowledge, self-esteem, motivation to be healthy.

Helps if you ...

  • suffer from long-lasting problems / symptoms
  • have doubts about your abilities,
  • do not follow your inner voice
  • feel being estranged from yourself,
  • have trouble to let life unfold itself .

Selfheal is always helpful when the „inner physician“ must be activated. The effects start on the mental plane and allow the essence  to initiate awareness and healing.

The body‘s regulatory system will be activated for the purpose of healing and stimulation of the necessary functions.

Selfheal also helps to make a new start.

Helpful for:

  • chronic symptoms
  • long-lasting problems
  • emerging doubts whether one can be healthy again
  • for cleaning up the metabolism
  • supportive when fasting

Prevailing fears:

  • fear not to regain health
  • fear of being sick
  • fear not to meet the demands of everyday life

Pain and painful attitude:

  • feeling that no one and nothing can ever help
  • feeling to be unable to cope with anything
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