Eisenhut - Monkshood - Aconitum neomontanum

The plant is 50-180 cm high. Blue helmet-like flowers, protected plant.
Flowering time: June-August
Distribution: Europe


Encourages, supports, provides:
to allow yourself unusual, even strange ideas; to let go of self-restraint and patterns of prejudice; renewal.

Freedom from outdated ideas and prejudice - Adaptability

Helps if you ...

  • suffer from tension and feelings of pressure,
  • let you let yourself be guided by outmoded ideas and dogmas,
  • tend to rationalize conflicts
  • believe you need to protect your convictions
  • always know everything even better
  • want to stop living solely in your head
  • have a tendency to condescension

Monkshood helps to get rid of the beliefs and conditionings of the past, when these lead to permanent problems.

Most of the small and large dramas in our lives are based on compulsive clinging to old habits, patterns of behavior and lack of adaptability. One is not able to understand something, feels insecure and expect everything gets out of control.

The essence supports to accept other ways of thinking and to allow the unusual. A non-judgmental attitude helps to adapt to new situations in an appropriate manner.

Feelings of pressure in the solar plexus and around the head can dissolve.

Helpful for:

  • adaptation to changing life circumstances
  • all situations in which one has to change one‘s attitude
  • all matters in which one assumes that everything gets out of control
  • if you want to let go of old ideas
  • elderly people who are afraid of change

Prevailing fears:

  • fear of losing control of a situation
  • fear not to understand what is going on
  • fear to let go of one‘s principles

Pain and painful attitude:

  • everything that I can not quite understand is a threat
30 - 60 cm high plant with white star-shaped flowers up to 5 cm in diameter.Grows on sandy and rocky soils in open woods.Flowering period: May to JuneDistribution:
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