Frauenschuh - Lady’s Slipper - Paphiopedilum

Orchid, maroon and yellow flower.
Flowering period: all year round
Distribution: tropical regions

Lady's Slipper

Key words: mental strength - joy - recreation

Encourages, supports, provides:
Serenity, relaxation, nerves, calming, relaxing, restful sleep.

Helps if you ...

  • are tense and nervous,
  • are afraid of „losing your cool“
  • do not ever feel good enough
  • are easily irritated,
  • feel overwhelmed,
  • are restless,
  • feel drained and exhausted,
  • can not sleep well,
  • demand too much from yourself.

Lady‘s Slipper supports balance and calmness in times of needs. The essence helps those who demand too much from themselves , those who have lost the right balance between the self-imposed requirements and the physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Many people are familiar with states of excessive demands at the present time. The daily tasks have to be met as well and as quickly as possible and increasing irritability and fatigue are the result. The nerves are tense, one no longer comes to rest.

The essence of Lady‘s Slipper directs the excessive energy from the upper energy centers (chakras) to the bottom. Thinking and body awareness are experienced as a unit. Thus, the necessary needs of the body get more attention and you avoid exhaustion from overwork,

Helpful for:

  • if you have too many tasks to cope with simultaneously, eg household, occupation and children
  • inability to take some time off several times a day and come to rest
  • when you neglect your needs
  • at the beginning of a depression to support a therapy
  • difficult births

Prevailing fears:

  • afraid to lose your nerve
  • fear not to do anything

Pain and painful attitude:

  • not being good enough
  • having to meet others‘ needs
30 - 60 cm high plant with white star-shaped flowers up to 5 cm in diameter.Grows on sandy and rocky soils in open woods.Flowering period: May to JuneDistribution:
Perennial flower, member of the Daisy family, 50 - 150 cm high. The genus comprises about 2000 species in great shape diversity worldwide. Flowers are
The plant is 10-40 cm high. Dark purple flowers with green - white throat.Flowering time: July-AugustDistribution: originally Mediterranean, today central
The plant is 50-180 cm high. Blue helmet-like flowers, protected plant.Flowering time: June-AugustDistribution: Europe Encourages, supports, provides:to
The plant is 10-20 cm high. Flowers purple , sometimes white. Old medicinal plantFlowering time: May - OctoberDistribution: Europe and North America Self
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