Frauenspiegel - Venus‘ looking glass - Legousia speculum veneris

The plant is 10-40 cm high. Dark purple flowers with green - white throat.
Flowering time: July-August
Distribution: originally Mediterranean, today central Europe, too

Keywords: Self-perception - optimism - take responsibility

Venus‘ looking glass

Encourages, supports, provides:
Self-knowledge, letting go of blame, condemnation and complaints, decisiveness, optimism, let go of the victim consciousness, to take responsibility, to love yourself

Helps if you ...

  • frequently go through phases of self-pity,
  • try to avoid problems and confrontations
  • tend to critisize yourself or others
  • are disappointed and hurt,
  • are frustrated,
  • are plagued by guilt,
  • are prone to pessimism,
  • tend to postpone things
  • are not the one you want to be

Venus‘ Looking Glass helps to improve your self-perception and to like yourself as you are.
The permanent dissatisfaction with yourself and the circumstances you find yourself in can be the cause of frustration and pessimism. Ongoing weeping and wailing and an inner conviction become a trap you cannot get out of. Negative thoughts, self-pity and disappointment drive you to an even more pessimistic view. In this state it is not possible to find solutions.

The essence of Venus‘ Looking Glass helps to get out of this cycle. It gives a better sense of self and positive view of one’s opportunities. It holds up a mirror of self-knowledge, and helps to let go of false images of oneself and others. You can return to a state of inner and outer balance.

The actions can be done from a realistic point of view and are influenced by personal responsibility, as the self-image of „his victim“ was dissolved. This allows a long-term positive changes in life.

Helps with:

  • Situations that require a fair assessment of oneself and all parties eg when serious decisions have to be taken in family and at work
  • if you look at everything too pessimistic
  • if you need more optimism

Prevailing fears:

  • always expecting the worst
  • being afraid of taking responsibility

Pain and painful attitude:

  • I am a victim of circumstances
  • I do not like me the way I am
  • Nobody likes me the way I am
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