Fuchs Kreuzkraut - Wood Ragwort - Senecio fuchsii

Perennial flower, member of the Daisy family, 50 - 150 cm high. The genus comprises about 2000 species in great shape diversity worldwide. Flowers are yellow with 5-7 florets.
Flowering period: June to August.
Origin: Southern and Central Europe.

Keywords: impartiality - flexibility - acceptance

Fuchs Kreuzkraut - Wood Ragwort - Senecio fuchsii

Encourages, supports, provides:
acceptance, to recognize diversity, flexibility, impartiality, enjoy perfection in everything, beginner‘s mind.

Helps if you ...

  • feel trapped in a rigid routine,
  • are severely restricted in your movements,
  • tend to condemn yourself or others
  • dominate and have to hold back,
  • are prone to perfectionism,
  • have the feeling that nothing is as it should be,
  • feel you have to do everything by yourself, since others do it wrong,
  • feel the urge to control,
  • cannot accept the diversity of life because of rigid notions and preconceived opinions.

Wood Ragwort helps to let go of preconceived expectations and accept what is. Thus, the diversity of life can be lived and accepted.
If our mind is stuck and we have strict expectations about how something has to be, we develop a strong need for control. This often creates an attitude of distrust. Assuming that others never do it right onetends to interfere and take over control.
The idea that there is always only one correct approach restricts the freedom of choice and makes development and conversion almost impossible.
The essence of Wood Ragwort helps to flexibly adjust to life. You can meet and experience others with a unclouded, open attitude. Wood Ragwort allows us to use a basic acceptance to realize that everything develops according to its own pattern and if we adapt to it, life becomes easier and more colourful.


  • to be open to the new when changes are necessary
  • in circumstances in which you would like to react flexibly
  • when you feel strong need for perfection
  • if you want to be relaxed

Prevailing fears:

  • fear of accepting imperfection
  • fear of losing control when having to face something new
  • fear of not being perfect
30 - 60 cm high plant with white star-shaped flowers up to 5 cm in diameter.Grows on sandy and rocky soils in open woods.Flowering period: May to JuneDistribution:
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