Graslilie - St Bernard‘s lily - Anthericum liliago

30 - 60 cm high plant with white star-shaped flowers up to 5 cm in diameter.
Grows on sandy and rocky soils in open woods.
Flowering period: May to June
Distribution: Europe

St Bernard‘s lily

Keywords: realize ideals - perseverance - appreciation

Encourages, supports, provides:
To develop appreciation, grow up, acceptance of reality, creativity, acceptance of help, perseverance, gratitude

Helps if you ...

  • overestimate or underestimate yourself,
  • tend to fanaticism,
  • make yourself small or invisible in order not having to try something
  • compare yourself with others and comdemn yourself or others
  • are disappointed with yourself or others,
  • react with pride or arrogance, when you feel helpless
  • withdraw further and further from the environment into your dreams

St Bernard‘s Lily helps to bring ideals and reality closer together. It teaches to keep the needs of everyday life in mind and react with perseverance and the help of others in order to manifest ideas that you have only dared to dream of.

People with high ideals often fail due to the gap between idea and reality. They pursue an idea with much vigor and enthusiasm. If the project already fails when the slightest difficulties arise, feelings of disappointment and self-doubt come up, which they compensate with haughtiness. The creative, active St Bernard‘s Lily personality tends also to withdraw into the dream world, which makes him vulnerable to addictions.

The essence of St Bernard‘s Lily helps to try and not get stuck in your desires to stay. It allows to adapt to the circumstances and helps to develop an attitude of appreciation. It allows to accept difficulties and to live with them, but at the same time to pursue your goals.


  • young people to develop proper appreciation and perseveranceon their way to adulthood
  • people who have failed their goals, not to get stuck neither with an attitude of haughtiness nor of self-criticism
  • to keep going through life stages in which one’s ideals are destroyed

Prevailing fears:

  • fear of not being able to realize one’s ideals
  • fear not to be recognized and valued

Pain and painful attitude:

  • inability to develop appreciation for anything
  • inner belief to become a failure
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