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Field Poppy

Field Poppy comes with the message:

Field Poppy

Turns a feeling of not belonging anywhere, confusion, sorrow, exhaustion, fragility. A longing to go away. Not wanting to live -
To listen and seek the answers inside. New power so you want to be alive. To be here and now.

Cow Parsley come with the message: New strength, vitalityHealing on deeper levels, new beginningCreated in cooperation with the archangel Michael
Spruce shoots (angelic drops) comes with the message: Rebirth, relief, joy.Created in cooperation with the archangel Raphael, Christ blue beam, Devas,
Oak comes with the message: New power and strengthnew direction in life, peace, stability.
Lady‘s Mantle comes with the message: New power, opens up for sexualityCreated in collaboration with Maria-energy
Spring Crocus comes with the message: Turns feeling deadlocked both physically and mentally, earlier life influences of feeling trapped, condemned and
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