Geranium - Geranie - I enjoy my life

Geranium - Geranie - I enjoy my life

Promotes / Supports / allows :

  • impetus, acting on instinct
  • emergence of open spaces
  • developing lust for life

Helps with:

  • freeing yourself from moral and social restraints and constraints
  • excessive work or constricting domestic responsibilities that leave no time for yourself
  • renewing deadlocked partnerships at all levels
  • awakening of self-conscious physical expression
  • playful and free association in sexuality

Some people live in a barren environment and have to make it with too little »spiritual food». Often they feel constrained and surrounded by walls. Stressfull closeness and spiritual narrowness lower their spirit. Perhaps you escape for an evening, for the period of Carnival or fourteen crowded vacation days - only to find yourself trapped in the old situation again.
Geranium frees from the burden of external coercion and pressure and shows that you can come to bloom even if you have little time for yourself. You can let go outdated ideas and attachments and try something new. Geranium is buoyant and awakens the desire to be yourself and joyfully discover your own needs. It makes you feel young again, lets you dance and enjoy life .

Promotes / Supports / Allows: learning to laugh cheerfulness, warmth, spontaneity working with the inner child Helps with: seriousness taking
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to overcome habits and addictions to see problems as challenges development of new perspectives Helps with: being
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to trust the flow of life Helps with: feelings of »hanging in the balance» being agitated and torn lack of grounding Description:People
Promotes / Supports / Allows: wisdom transformation grounding, calming the mind connection to higher realms Helps with: creating a connection
Promotes / Supports / Allows : internal enforcement to face the facts correct mental interpretation and a clear view Helps with : tendency to
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