Bellflower - Glockenblume - Spiritual Protection


Promotes / Supports / Allows:

  • participation in the protective and illuminating powers
  • inner knowledge and appreciation of the meaning of human existence
  • spiritual »sense of home«

Helps with:

  • threat of pollution
  • feeling lost in the world and being homeless
  • need for protection

Bellflower is a very subtle, spiritual essence for those who feel threatened by our often rough environment and its pollution like noise, dirt, fumes and radiation.
It gives the feeling of being protected and - unlike Yarrow - to be under a spiritual protection and be part of the world’s through radiant and protecting power. So we can open ourselves to the spirituality that permeates the whole world and participate in it.

Promotes / Supports / Allows: learning to laugh cheerfulness, warmth, spontaneity working with the inner child Helps with: seriousness taking
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to overcome habits and addictions to see problems as challenges development of new perspectives Helps with: being
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to trust the flow of life Helps with: feelings of »hanging in the balance» being agitated and torn lack of grounding Description:People
Promotes / Supports / Allows: wisdom transformation grounding, calming the mind connection to higher realms Helps with: creating a connection
Promotes / Supports / Allows : internal enforcement to face the facts correct mental interpretation and a clear view Helps with : tendency to
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