Hibiscus - Hibiskus - Sensuality of the Soul

Hibiscus - Hibiskus - Sensuality of the Soul

Promotes / Supports / Allows :

  • feeling comfortable with your own body
  • to accept sexuality as a part of one’s being and to live it out
  • to be in harmony with yourself

Helps with :

  • Suppression of sexuality, rigidity, numbness, imbalance of emotions
  • Menstrual problems or eating disorders

Hibiscus can bring female sexuality into balance. It brings those women vitality and sexuality back, who do not have a sexual life or whose suxuality is out of balance. Hibiscus connects body and soul on a sexual level. The essence makes us aware that deep feelings of love can be expressed sexually and the heart can open.
Some women are out of touch with their feelings and thus their sexuality (also applicable to men). This may be the result of the image of women in the media, this ideal of male fantasy that sees them only as an object of desire. This exploitation of female sexuality is a kind of external determination and aggression that makes women feel uncomfortable with their sexuality.
Hibiscus can give women who have internalized these stereotypes, new self-confidence. This essence lets the warmth of the soul penetrate the sexuality and bring it to life.

Promotes / Supports / Allows: learning to laugh cheerfulness, warmth, spontaneity working with the inner child Helps with: seriousness taking
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to overcome habits and addictions to see problems as challenges development of new perspectives Helps with: being
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to trust the flow of life Helps with: feelings of »hanging in the balance» being agitated and torn lack of grounding Description:People
Promotes / Supports / Allows: wisdom transformation grounding, calming the mind connection to higher realms Helps with: creating a connection
Promotes / Supports / Allows : internal enforcement to face the facts correct mental interpretation and a clear view Helps with : tendency to
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