Lichtbohne - Light flowing through me

Lichtbohne - Light flowing through me

Promotes / Supports / Allows :

  • regeneration of the energy paths in the physical body
  • integration of the new grid in the physical body

Helps with :

  • interrupted or weakened pathways of light in the body
  • replacing the old grid

Man is a being of light . His body has a grid-like light network through which clear energies flow. Electromagnetic pollution, degenerated food, improper diet and destructive ways of thinking weaken or interrupt these light paths .
In 2002 Kryon and his helpers completed the new grid of Earth. Now the human one will automatically align to it.
The energy of Lichtbohne repairs blocked light paths and regenerates them. It helps with the integration of the new grid, so that pure energy can flow freely again through the physical body.

Promotes / Supports / Allows: learning to laugh cheerfulness, warmth, spontaneity working with the inner child Helps with: seriousness taking
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to overcome habits and addictions to see problems as challenges development of new perspectives Helps with: being
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to trust the flow of life Helps with: feelings of »hanging in the balance» being agitated and torn lack of grounding Description:People
Promotes / Supports / Allows: wisdom transformation grounding, calming the mind connection to higher realms Helps with: creating a connection
Promotes / Supports / Allows : internal enforcement to face the facts correct mental interpretation and a clear view Helps with : tendency to
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