White Yarrow - Weiße Schafgarbe - Protection and Shielding

White Yarrow - Weiße Schafgarbe - Protection and Shielding

Promotes / Supports / Allows :

  • protection and security dispite adverse conditions
  • shields from stress
  • perseverance in times of change
  • helps therapists in themselves and in their power to stay
  • protects against electromagnetic pollution

Helps with :

  • vulnerability, anxiety
  • exposed unprotected vulnerabilities

White Yarrow heals emotional wounds and protects against injuries, if taken preventively. This bflower creates a protective coat of white light around us, which shields against external influences. The aura is thickened and impermeable. Therefore, it is of particular value in times of change, chaos and aggressiveness. Everything negative bounces off, one is safe in stormy times and develops inner strength .
Taken preventively White Yarrow alleviates the effects of medically necessary X-rays and protects against electromagnetic pollution.

Promotes / Supports / Allows: learning to laugh cheerfulness, warmth, spontaneity working with the inner child Helps with: seriousness taking
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