Zinnia - Zinnie - Warmth, spontaneity

Zinnia - Zinnie - Warmth, spontaneity

Promotes / Supports / Allows:

  • learning to laugh
  • cheerfulness, warmth, spontaneity
  • working with the inner child

Helps with:

  • seriousness taking the joy out of life

Zinnia is for people who have forgotten how to laugh, which rely too much on intellect, reason and sobriety. Some people only move within the narrowly defined standards of their own minds, but neglect intuition and feeling.
Zinnia helps them to discover the fun in unimportant trifles and the joy of playing, the exuberance once again. Since this flower lets them discover their inner child, it brings understanding to the parent-child relationship. Children recognize each other.

Promotes / Supports / Allows: to overcome habits and addictions to see problems as challenges development of new perspectives Helps with: being
Promotes / Supports / Allows: to trust the flow of life Helps with: feelings of »hanging in the balance» being agitated and torn lack of grounding Description:People
Promotes / Supports / Allows: wisdom transformation grounding, calming the mind connection to higher realms Helps with: creating a connection
Promotes / Supports / Allows : internal enforcement to face the facts correct mental interpretation and a clear view Helps with : tendency to
Promotes / Supports / Allows: regeneration after overexertion insight in one’s mental life Helps with: calming down aligning with one’s
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