Pine Pollen - Reduce guilt on the physical level

Lightness, freedom of choice. Takes away the burden of pain, shame and guilt, affects the large intestine meridian in Chinese medicine.

The flower essence of Pine works with guilt, be it alleged or actual. The self-blocking feeling of guilt, shame and bad conscience indicates Pine. Just like fear can transform from a warning signal into a long-term disorder, guilt can also take on a life of its own and take control of a person. Suddenly you feel guilty of everything, regardless of any realities.

People suffering from a lack of Pine-energy feel guilty even when others made the mistake. This is based on an overwhelming sense of being responsible for literally everything that happens in their own environment.

Often the basis of such pattern is an unattainable perfection that in reality makes achieving goals impossible. In life there is no rule without an exception, 100% accuracy does not exist. Even the earth is not 100% round.

Pine Pollen

Just as the lover sees everything through rose-tinted glasses, the conscience-stricken one constantly sees the guillotine above his head. The inner judge says „guilty“ and the delinquent breaks down. But all that only takes place internally. Pine is the essence that helps to forgive yourself.

Pine Pollen has a special energy that makes it useful for the purposes of acupressure and external treatment.
Its energy corresponds to the one of the large intestine meridian, and shows excellent effects in the treatment of any disorder of that meridian.

©Dirk Albrodt

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