The archetype of the wise old man

Spruce – Fichte – Picea abies
The male principle comes in many different forms, some of them astounding, others a little strange. Today let us imagine a man, who has not just integrated all his experiences from childhood and adult life but truly understands them and their meaning. One, who is no longer interested in presenting his muscles all day long since he is self-assured. This man is a man without doubt, a strong and honest one, but one who is no longer involved in the games, the ego loves to play. He can step back and and help the young to achieve what he has achieved long time ago.


In western Africa there live a people called Dagara. The special thing about this people is that they leave their children‘s education to the grandparents and they have a special reason for doing so: they believe in reincarnation. Young children and old people, so they believe, are closer to the other world, where the souls meet between the incarnations, than the common adult. They still carry wisdom from there or have already caught an idea of it. Children and old ones can communicate energetically, non-verbally, so they can easily bond and interact.

The essence of Spruce combines the energies of the most important Yang essence Sunflower and the essences for children. Male strength and childlike innocence and playfullness.


Spruce symbolizes the patient grandpa, who is friendly and indulgent, has his own unique sense of humour based on his life‘s experiences and always keeps an eye on his grandchildren without giving them a feeling of being controlled. He remember some of his own mischief long time ago and he knows how angry his parents reacted, but in the end all got along well together again and watching back tells him that nothing really turned out as bad as expected.

The essence provides you with the feeling of having reached a place of stillness and inner peace. She brings patience and calmness and lets you enjoy your life with all your senses and watch trouble from a kind of distant perspective, knowing everything about the major and minor problems in life no longer taking them too seriously.

Spruce is the wise old man, you know from fairy tales and legends. You can trust him and in return he always gives you good advice.


You may give it too children, who are shy and anxious – Spruce creates a feeling of safety and protection in them. Or you can give an adult facing a major exam. How much better he or she will be feeling protected and supported by the wise old man by his or her side. With such a help how could an exam frighten you? And you may also give the old ones, who still fire up quickly and tell their children, what to do,  a dose of Spruce. And of course you can take her yourself, if you never met your grandfather and want to enrich you emotional biography by this special experience. (Of course Spruce does not bring back your long missed granddad, but it provides you with the inner safety just like he would have done)

To make it short: wisdom, goodness, sincerety, tranquility – these are a qualities taking Spruce can bring you and me.

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