Sage - The Wild and Untamed

Salbei – Sage – Salvia officinalis
Sage is one of the plants that teach us patience. I needed years until the flower finally accepted to help making an essence. And even then it took two complete days and nights until the essence was ready. Any try to finish the process earlier was rejected. Now there is not only the power of the sun in the essence, but also the power of the moon and even two thunderstorms helped to extract the energy.


The Californian Flower Essence Society produced a Sage Essence more than 15 years ago. Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz, co-directors of the FES, write: »This is the essence of higher learning, it brings a new perspective from which you can see all your life‘s quarrelings, stress and failures in a new light. You understand what they all mean and how they fit into the complete picture of your life. With the understanding comes the solution, you can get rid of old emotional stuff you carried with you for years, and see to the ground of your existence resp. your fate.«

Ellie Web, maker of Harebell Remedies in Scotland, writes, her Sage is about no longer having to take oneself too seriously, while Simon and Sue Lilly, makers of Green Man Essences in England, find that Sage is a big help when you want to draw wisdom from your experiences, no matter how hard and painful they may have been. At last Imelda Carroll, maker of an essence line called like herself, describes the essence as one, that helps one find the truth just as it is and gives the strength and courage to face it and cope with it.

I have to admit I did not read all these statements before, since I was so sure about what Sage means in a healing sense. But now I see the similarities of the descriptions and find that my ideas have not been completely wrong.

Sage is a wonderful plant. You can use it for so many purposes, as spice, herb, as aroma oil, as incence... These different uses all have one thing in common: they clear and cleanse, e.g. your soar throat, just gargle with Sage tea, or the atmosphere in a room like shamans do when they burn their Sage sticks.

The last mentioned effect you can get when you use Sage like an aroma oil. However this not only cleanses the atmosphere, e.g. when there has been quarreling and disharmony, but also the inner world. Sage enables us to let go off anything that could be disturbing. Mental and/or emotional stuff, that keeps us from being present right here and now. So it brings us the perfect preparation for a therapy hour, massage, relaxation, shamanic journeys, body treatment, dreaming, dancing or whatsoever. This may be one of the reasons, shamans work so effectively, they do not only clear the space but also the people present.


Sage gives us access to our original self, the person, we once were, before parents, teachers, culture and civilisation turned us into the ones we are now. In Zen-Buddhism masters give their students Koans, kind of riddles or trick questions, which cannot be solved with the help of common sense or logic or analysis. To work on such questions frees the mind from unnecessary thinking – it simply does not help to find the truth. One famous Koan goes like this: Where were you before your parents were born?  There is no right answer to this. Some overly mental persons may call the question nonsense. Others however struggle with such questions for years until they find the solution – which in most cases nobody but themselves and their master understand. But if you should be searching for the true self, that has always been there, but somehow hidden, Sage will be very helpful. This essence brings calmness, stillness and focus. It clears the path to our origins. Young people going through the hell called puberty can benefit from taking the essence as well as women going through menopause and all those, who are getting old and still have no idea, what the hell this whole lifething means...

Sage gets us to our core, our true, pure and genuine self, which also means: to the wild and untamed forces within ourselves. The forces some of us may be afraid of (like Mr. Freud in Vienna, who considered the wild forces in humans as dangerous and wanted to keep them locked in the subconscious), our desires and our fury and all things that should not be mentioned in public. Most of them prefer to be nice, friendly, patient, helpful and so on and so boring.

On the other side: why not freak out at last one time in life? Why not tell the others, what you really think? Why always swallow your anger and turn it into a stomach ulcer? Why not be ridiculous, funny, nasty, mischievous, unrespectful – why not be wild and dangerous yourself? Do not hide the wild one inside of you, tap in the source of your true nature, be more open, more honest, more yourself. Do not allow others to shape your personality in the way they like! Be your own master, find your own decisions, even if others should not like them.

The true self and what it really means is that, what everyone looks for who meditates, does shamanic work, trance dancing and so on. Sage‘s help with this cannot be underestimated. Who cares what the others may say watching you, the unexperienced dancer? May your movement look funny to them, you can still feel comfortable – simply because you are the wild one. Sage can be considered as the inner compass, that helps you let go off the wrong, blocking and unneccessary issues and focus on what you  really want  and need deep inside.


Be what you are and who you are. And if you should not know by now, Sage will help to find out.

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