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Beifuß - Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris
This herb flowers from July until October. The greenish-white flowers are very unspectacular - in contrast to their vibrational effects. The plant grows up to 150cm. You can find it along road sides, railways and even on refuse pits, but also in the midst of meadows, the preferred location to prepare its essence. This plants is obviously extremely flexible and grows on almost all kinds of grounds.


In some households Mugwort is used as a spice, which helps with the digestion of fat, but one can also make a tea of it and drink it in cases of lack of appetite and diarrhoea.

In earlier times epileptics were given Mugwort, nowadays however the method is not state of the art. More popular was Mugwort tea‘s prescription for different kinds of women‘s diseases like menstruation problems. That is why the plant was given common names like ‚virgin‘s herb‘ and ‚women‘s herb‘. It is said that healers in  the central Asian steppe used to use Mugwort as a means of abortion. According to Hippocrates the Amazons also used this herb for birth control - or at least one he called Artemisia.

Goddess Artemis

In the Greek mythology Mugwort is obviously Goddess Artemis‘ plant, hence her Latin name ‚Artemisia‘. Artemis was the Goddess of the night and the moon, the hunt and the midwives, since only a couple of minutes after her own birth she helped her mother Leto to give birth to her twin brother Apollo.

Mugwort was usually collected in a ritual around the midsummernight and then hung up  above the house‘s front door in order to protect the house and all who lived in it. One pound of the dried herb can be used to fill one‘s pillow so as to receive prophecies in one‘s dreams.


Beifuß – Mugwort – Artemisia vulgaris
Keywords: openness, intuition, inner clarity
Short description: helps to open up oneself: to other people, plants, animals, one‘s unconscious; be aware of one‘s intuition and inner voice, trust in the natural and harmonious functions of one‘s unconscious
Energy: Yin
Chakra: Solar Plexus and Crown-Chakra

From a spiritual point of view Mugwort and St. John‘s Wort are closely related. While the latter helps one to be open to the sun‘s energy (due to its special relationship to Apollo, the God of the sun), opens Mugwort to the forces of the moon (i.e. The Goddess of the Moon Artemis, Apollo‘s twin).

Mugwort brings trust in the ‚dark side‘ of life, the consciously uncontrollable realm where dreams as well as  the blood-sugar level are regulated. Mugwort teaches trust in one‘s own emotions, intuition, inner voice especially when logical and analytical thinking does not lead us anywhere. In such cases it is much easier for us to trust in our life‘s natural flow instead of staying stuck. Mugwort enhances our adaptability and flexibility and brings us in tune with everything that is alive. This essence helps us orientate on unknown ground. Like Moongoddess Artemis we learn to trust our instincts and intuition, break new ground and enrich our lives by adding more information than we would have ever gained by simply using our intellect. Mugwort helps with lucid dreaming and enhances our perception beyond our physical limits.

Since this is the flower to teach us to tune in the rhythm of the moon, it is the essence which helps many woman to tune in their inner lunar rhythm (of course you can also call it menstruation).

Mugwort – The flower of intiation and the forces of the moon.

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