Archetypal Flower Essence Lime – Linde – Tylia platyphyllos

The Lime tree has been a holy tree since ancient times. For the Germans of the stoneage this tree was dedicated to Freya, Goddess of love and happiness. In many towns and villages throughout Europe Lime trees form the center. It marks the place where the people gather and party as well.

This gives us the key to the effects of Lime essence. Lime brings us the feeling of being at home, she makes us feel safe and secure and well-balanced inside. Home plays a very important if not to say main role in the life of humans and animals as well. Cats are known as connected to places, dogs love their hamper where they return to and even chicken enter their stall without much ado when the night comes. When you find similar attitudes and behaviour in the humans as well as in the animal kingdom, we can consider them to be archetypal. It should not be too difficult to find similarities in the plant kingdom.

Humans find it natural to have a home. It is not important whether it is a hut or a villa. Important is the basic feeling of a place associated with all we need to feel safe and comfortable.

If you have no place to call home, to turn to after a busy day at work or just one of the adventures of your life, you will experience a yearning, an unfullfilled desire. When we are stressed we do not want anything else but to go home. No matter if it is a child being teased by the older ones or a soldier going through hell. It is enough, I cannot go on, I want to go home. ... not to Mallorca, even if it may be nicer there, just home.

But what if there is no place to call home?
What if a tsunami or a hurricane, like so many people experienced this year, took away our homes? What if what we consider a home turns out to be hell, since our parents are drinkers, play the role of devils and beat us to death? What if home is no safe place at all?

Then we lack the archetypal center of being. We lack the basic feeling of safety, the basis for our whole life, the joy of life, the joy of meeting others and creating relationships, everything that makes life worth living. Distrust and doubt rule our lives.

Lime flower essence is the archetypal helper that we need to overcome traumas, that have damaged our basics. When we are beaten we need Star of Bethlehem or a similarly working essence. But when the beating happens in a place we considered to be safe or we are beaten by the people who should protect us, this destroys our trust in the world as a good place to live.

How good would it be to feel the nearness of the Goddess of love and happiness! And if she should not be available at that time – a few drops of her essence. Lime brings us deep rooted safety, security and protection.

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