Essences for male and female archetypes

Our Mamboya Archetypal Essences kit consists of a spectrum of remedies to provide healing for difficulties related to certain Jungian archetypes. Archetypal essences are meant to make flower essence therapy more complete and holistic and are not intended to replace other flower essences. Archetypal essences do not work on the emotional level but on the unconscious level. In archetypal flower essence therapy, we look for a basic weakness of an archetype that causes the symptom.

Pomegranate and Sunflower, the Yin and the Yang

In order to reach wholeness in therapy, work on the emotional and archetypal levels together, with a combination of essences for both levels. The earlier article described Sunflower, the archetypal essence for The Inner Male, and Pomegranate, the essence for the Inner Female. Here are more essences related to male and female archetypes.

Willowherb - Inner Healer of the Female
Willowherb heals what cannot be seen, what is underneath the surface, even experiences and situations one cannot remember. Willowherb on the physical level is the healer of the planet earth, the female earth, after it is damaged. In nature, willowrose is the first plant to appear after a fire. (In the United States, the plant is called fireweed.) After World War II, the plant willowherb appeared everywhere between the ruins, so people called it „Ruinsflower“ for a while.


Willowherb essence is used in cases when a woman, and especially her female self worth, are damaged. For example, a woman who was raped, though usually a strong and powerful woman, can be weakened by the experience--not because of the physical injury but the energetic one. So to heal a woman on her deepest core level, you should not forget the yin essence Willowherb as a starter to regain self-esteem and self worth.

Broad-leaved Orchis - The Inner Healer of the Male
Broad-leaved orchis is for yang energy. The broad leaves look as if someone put out his cigarettes on them. This plant looks somehow as if it was tortured. However it flowers so beautifully. The Latin name orchis means ‚testicle‘; that is because its roots resemble them. Its flower essence heals the injuries of the inner male, no matter if it is a boy or a man.

Broad-leaved Orchid
Broad-leaved Orchid

Boys without strong self-esteem who remain small and weak can be the ones who are beaten up regularly by the stronger and bigger ones. They feel so worthless that they cannot conceive of having a girlfriend, for they wonder what girl would want a boy who is not even able to protect himself? With this background, even if they grow up to be strong men, they many feel a complete failure. Even worse: they may be programmed to be a failure. They do not really know what it means and how it feels to be a man. And they may never find out unless someone helps them to regain their inner balance. Orchis is a fine essence for this difficulty.

Quince: The Female Warrior
Quince embodies the stratagem of a warrior lacking physical strength. To win this fight, she has to use cunning, intuition and a smart strategy. Such a warrior is too clever to expose herself to danger, so she ducks or side-steps when the attack comes, and makes use of the forces of her opponent like a judoka. Here we have the picture of an Asian combatant sport athlete, who produces maximum effect by minimum effort.


However this does not work unless one is centered. If your heart tells you something different than your mind, so that you are not balanced but instead experience an inner conflict, you will certainly lose your fight. Quince helps you find your center of gravity as well as a place of rest. Heart and mind are united there and can reach their common goal. Quince essence helps combine Yin and Yang and so assists in bringing an end to inner conflicts.

Rosemary: The Male Warrior
The warrior of the Rosemary type, however, stakes everything on one chance. He is willing and able to fight, to concentrate and focus his energies. When it comes to a fight, he is on the alert and ready to use all his power in order to win and to reach his goal. When he takes sight, he makes sure to hit the mark, and when he hits, he does it fully concentrated and with all his might, even it is the last thing he does in this life. In a flee-or-fight-situation, he is the one who accepts battle.


This essence is certainly for the shy and the anxious who tend to run away instead of being able to confront difficulties, threatening situations or simply defend themselves. Rosemary helps them to stand up to attacks and challenges and stay alive. It brings one faith, courage and energy. It is the „I can make it“ essence.

Pink Yarrow: The Heroine Within
Pink Yarrow can be taken when your weak point lies in the field of emotions, when you can easily be hurt by emotions. The Pink Yarrow personality is a very sensible one, able to recognize much more than the ordinary personality usually does.

Pink Yarrow
Pink Yarrow

This can be seen as a gift, especially when it works in the area of healing. Nevertheless, the same talent can turn against us, if we‘re not able to close our emotional body. In such cases we may develop the same diseases and/or emotional problems as our clients just by absorbing them. This essence carries Yin energy and helps us to protect ourselves in an emotional sense. We learn to reject feelings that do not belong to us.

White Yarrow: The Hero Within
White Yarrow helps us protect ourselves on the physical and mental level. In Greek mythology it was Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, who gave Achilles, the vulnerable hero, this plant to help him protect his famous Achilles heel. White Yarrow represents the Yang aspect of the plant‘s protective energy. It supports the human immune system and protects one in cases of stress, hostile attacks and other disturbances such as the negative energies of electro-magnetic fields and radiation.

White Yarrow
White Yarrow

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