Pomegranate - The Woman - The essence

Let us now take a closer look at the essence itself:
Pomegranate addresses the female side in all of us. Nonacceptance means inner quarrelling, being unable to integrate all aspects of the self and lacking wholeness. Ignoring the feminine part leads to internal imbalance. Problems arise especially in puberty. Women may develop identity problems both personally and socially, on the physical level they may suffer from menstruation problems and so on.
An important indication for this essence is infertility. A lack of female or Yin-energy prevents the pregnancy.


Men who deny the feminine aspects of their own personality often regard passivity, softness and tenderness as signs of weakness. They do not understand their wives or girlfriends, expect obedience and are unable to solve their relationship problems on a basic level.

Pomegranate essence teaches women strength and men gentleness without valuing. This essence helps to integrate the missing part, but does not judge the already existing.


From the perspective of the traditional Chinese medicine the female form of energy is called Yin energy. It is primarily stored in the so-called Central Meridian located on the central line of the front of the body (independantly of the person‘s sex). A lack of energy in this meridian leads to an increased vulnerabilty on the physical as well as on the emotional level. Such people are more often ill than others with a higher Yin energy level. In addition they also lack (female) self-worth and self-confidence. Infertility is also often related with a low Yin energy level on the central meridian. Pomegranate in fact offers exactly the missing energy.

Once a woman has become pregnant she needs a lot more of this kind of energy. Especially during the last third of her pregnancy she often feels tired and exhausted. Again Pomegranate is the right flower to add the needed extra-yin.  It is also the most often needed birthing essence and can be used as ‚ruling essence‘ to help the birthing process take its course in a gentle and natural way. Using the essence with acupressure brings excellent results on two points: the uterus and the so-called shenmen point. Both can be found in the ear. Please take a look in your acupuncture book to find them. (I find it very hard to explain the exact  anatomical location in a foreign language - it is hard enough  in German...)

You simply drop 2 - 3 drops from the stock bottle on a cotton bud and massage the points in both ears for 3 - 5 minutes.

The easiest and fastest way to provide body and soul with Yin energy is to massage Pomegranate on the cheeks right before the earlobes.


Let me finish this article with a quotation from The Mother, author of the book ‚Flowers and their messages‘, which offers an abundance of meditations on hundreds of flowers. This is what she says about  Pomegranate: ‚Divine love spreading over the world. Innumerable, succulent, it gives us strength and life untiringly‘.

©Dirk Albrodt

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